Monday, May 18, 2009

its been a long while~

hey friends! is been a long time i nv update my blog, i almost forgot i hv a blog actually.
its been 2 months since i graduated, things move so fast, i got my nice job, every of my classmate is busying working now, so am i...friends good luck! ;) . since im working, its time to plan my savings and 'future' i keep on saying to myself, there's money everywhere on the street, dont miss a chance to catch them...i force myself to do whatever im capable to do although sometimes very lazy..haha. hey, anyone know what to do for part time job? sell food, art stuff or anything?..any idea? need to do some side income..hehe :) comment pls!..than you veli muchie :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


what last day? 3d designer job last day...i quit =.=, i find out not suitable for me, it involve alot of things that out of what i study, and its not what i quit lo~..haha. bt bad thing is i never receive my payment on my last day...damn! heard this boss abit stingy, and owe alot ppl $..oww, whatever, i will get my money..haha in. in this two week plus this is what i've done,

Sunday, March 29, 2009


yea!! here it comes!! our FINAL of diploma in interior design!! i was so damn nervous this day, because our lecturer invited an external accessor from AXIS network MR LAI..a 'big' person. but overall is better than we expected, yay! cause we didn't shoot down by lecturer and MR LAI badly, not only that, they give us alot of comment, what we should and shouldn't do and share their experience! its a very presentation from all of us, well done my fellow classmates! and i would say this is the presentation day i like the most!

*my work*

check out my next blog! where my work is at KL DESIGN WEEK '09 at CAP SQUARE!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i got a new job..haha, as 3d designer, well what i can say about the company?...erm, i would say 1st 2 weeks, BORING! haha because nothing to do in the office, no more new project to do...hmmm, so basically my job is come in the morning and online, surf the net till 6pm WTF! haha!. but i did practice my 3dmax/rendering. check it out the kitchen. FINAL is HERE! i mean HERE! NOW! obviously im nervous, scare...hmm what to do? still have to face it! EDWARD U CAN DO IT!! bla bla bla~

this is where the place i will be on weekdays 9.30am till 6pm

Thursday, February 19, 2009

updated (Feb)

hey~! i'm back to update myself to the public :). erm...where to start? ya! im not going overseas for study already, after get some advise and comment from elder friends in interior design field on CNY, they recommend me go work for some time first, if i think its not enough with my diploma only i go get my degree, and thats not too late for it, so i think enjoy working in malaysia first, if its possible to enjoy :).

final finAL FINAL FINAL!! my final year in college! omg, have to appreciate every moment we have now in college, cause maybe its the last year we will be enjoy studying, or i should say last MONTH. everyone is stress about their final project and nervous about it, but why im not? i think im going to have big trouble if im not starting to worry about it, im still in the lazy mode, WAKE UP EDWARD WAKE UP!!!...damn!

its valentine day last week, hows everyone celebrations? nice? good? memorable?..romantic? or 'oh shit'? haha..mine was not bad i think, the last part la, the beggining is just normal, the garden mid valley is packed with couples, me and she enjoy the movie, 'The Curious of Benjamin Button', nice movie if you are an artistic or 'art type' person. to everyone who are still single, keep it up, dont feel sad, im sure next year valentine u will be celebrating with someone you love :) HAPPY BELATED VALENTINE! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

the new monoploy

hey guys! remember the monopoly board game? the game where you can earn $ or loan or owe the bank a lot of $..haha! now its coming back with the new packaging! its new, modern, neat and its NICE! check it out the pictures

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

respon for overseas study.

talking about having overseas degree, i asked few of my senior, my friend about it, and the feedback i get is..yes, i still need 100k and its not only 9 months course, its about 1 year plus to 2 years, plus most of my friend, senior, lecturer even my relatives agree i go australia to have a degree, but there's something make me uncomfortable and dissapointed. but with all this support, yea! y not going there! lol, anyone anymore suggestions?, my new 2009 plan is study in australia!! but before that, there's a lot of things to settle down, like my final semester, to my classmate: guys! keep it up! let us score big time for the last time!!, beside that, its chinese new year!!!! have fun! and like 'that guy' said, collect ang pao for printing..haha! of course for us, chinese new year is eat, play and ang pao, nothing else more...LOL!! happy new year guys! :)